Financial Hardship Assistance Options

Every day thousands of people like you have trouble making the next mortgage payment. Though things may seem hopeless, HomeBridge Financial Services is here to help. However, you must take the first step!

What you should do:

1. Contact HomeBridge Financial Services immediately at (855) 248-0530.
2. Complete the Uniform Borrower Assistance Form and 4506T EZ and return to HomeBridge with the required supporting documentation as soon as possible or login into your account and complete the Financial Hardship Form located in the Help Center. If applying online a 4506T EZ and supporting documentation will still be required.

All documentation should be faxed to 866-392-2214 or mailed to:

                        HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
                        Attention:  Loss Mitigation
                        112 Town Park Drive, Suite 300
                        Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-3754
3. If you are uncomfortable talking to a HomeBridge Financial Services Loss Mitigation representative, contact a HUD counselor in your area by calling 1-800-569-4287 or TDD 1-800-877-8339.
4. Open all the mail you have received from HomeBridge Financial Services. It may contain valuable information about repayment options or important legal notices.
5. Look for ways to increase the amount you have available to make your mortgage payments.

Options to help you keep your home:

Options can vary depending on the current status of your loan, your individual situation, loan type, and other factors. To qualify for any of the options listed below, you will need to provide HomeBridge Financial Services with current information about your income and expenses. Below is a list of sample options that may be available, each of the programs has its own eligibility requirements:

Repayment Plan - Pay back your past-due payments together with your regular payments over an extended period of time. Allows you time to catch up on late payments without having to come up with a lump sum.

Forbearance – Temporary reduction or suspension of your payments to allow you time to overcome the problem that reduced your income. Then you may be offered a payment plan so you can pay back the missed payments a little at a time until your loan is reinstated. An extended forbearance period may be provided to unemployed borrowers who are actively seeking employment.

Mortgage Modification – A modification is a permanent change to your loan in which the overdue payments may be added to your loan balance, the interest rate may be changed or the number of years you have to pay off the loan may be extended.

Partial Claim – This option is only available if your mortgage is insured by FHA. In a partial claim, a borrower receives a second loan in an amount necessary to bring the delinquent loan current. The loan is interest free and does not need to be repaid until you pay off your first mortgage or sell your house. This option is only available to borrowers with FHA-insured loans.

FHA-HAMP – This option combines an enhanced partial claim with a loan modification. Under the FHA-HAMP, the partial claim loan will not only include any amounts necessary to bring your mortgage current but may also include an amount to reduce your existing loan balance by up to 30%. The reduced loan balance will then be modified to lower your monthly mortgage payment to an affordable level. As described above, the partial claim is interest free, but must be repaid when you pay off your first mortgage or sell your house. This option is only available to borrowers with FHA-insured loans.

HomeBridge Financial Services may require that you agree to a payment plan for three or more months to demonstrate your commitment before you are approved for a modification or partial claim.

Options if you can’t keep your home:

If your income or expenses have changed so much that you are not able to continue paying the mortgage even under a workout plan offered by HomeBridge Financial Services, you should consider the options below:

Pre-foreclosure Sale – With HomeBridge Financial Services permission you may list your house for sale and sell it at fair market value even if the amount you receive from the sale is less than the amount you owe. If you meet certain conditions, you may be eligible to receive relocation expenses.

Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure – As a last resort, you may be able to voluntarily deed your property back to HomeBridge Financial Services. If you leave the property clean and undamaged you may be eligible to receive relocation expenses.

There could be income tax consequences to any plan that reduces the amount of debt you owe so check with a tax advisor before accepting these workout options.

Learn More

Please call (855) 248-0530 to speak with a HomeBridge Financial Services Loss Mitigation  representative. To find out more about FHA programs please visit and choose the avoid foreclosure option or contact the FHA resource center at 1-800-CALL-FHA (1-800-225-5342).

To find out more about Fannie Mae programs please visit

Military Service Members

Assert and protect your rights as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States. If you are or your spouse is serving on active military duty, including active military duty as a member of the National Guard or as a member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States, please send written notice of the active duty military service to HomeBridge Loss Mitigation Department.

Be aware of:

1. Beware of foreclosure prevention scams! You may be approached by organizations with official sounding names offering a quick fix to your mortgage problems. They often charge hefty fees or require that you “temporarily” sign over your deed to them.
2. Never sign any papers you don’t fully understand.
3. Consult a lawyer, HomeBridge Financial Services Loss Mitigation Representative, trusted advisor, or a HUD-approved counselor before entering into any deal involving a loan assumption, contract of sale or transfer of the deed to your home.
4. If you can’t afford your current mortgage, don’t be talked into refinancing into a new loan with a higher payment.