Secure User Login

What You’ll Need to Get Online Access to your Mortgage Account.

It's free, easy and only takes a few minutes to complete.

  1. Your name as it appears on your loan
  • Example: If the name on your loan appears as John E Doe, you are required to enter John as your first name, E as the middle name and Doe as the last name. If your middle name is not spelled out on your loan, do not spell it out on the registration.
  1. Your Social Security Number
  2. Access to email to receive alerts, notifications regarding your online account
  3. Your mailing address zip code
  4. Your HomeBridge account number
    1. Your loan number must be entered as 10-digits, (add leading zeros to the loan number as needed). Example: Loan #12345678, enter as 0012345678. Please be advised that HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc ("HomeBridge") will issue you a new loan number that will be used to service your loan, including making payments. You will receive this new loan number in your welcome package and first billing statement. Please use this new loan number for setting up future payment options, including online banking. If you have not received your new loan number by the time you wish to make a payment, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-855-248-0530 for assistance. 

For the registration process, follow the steps below for a fast and easy enrollment.

  1. Go to (if you're already on the loanlink site, skip to step 4)
  2. Click on the Access My Loan Button on the Upper Right of the page and a New Menu will Appear
  3. Click on the Manage My Loan Button in this new menu
  4. Click on the Enroll Now Button in the Left Side Menu (not Log In)
  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions (Click on Accept)
  6. Enter your profile information
    1. First name, Middle intital and Last name (Try with and without your middle initial). Our loan records may or may not have your middle initial listed.
    2. Account number (HomeBridge account number)
      1. Must enter a 10-digit account number. Please add zeroes to the beginning of your current account number as needed. Example: Account number 12345678 must be entered as 0012345678
    3. Mailing address zip code (enter the first five digits only)
    4. Social security number (do not include dashes)
  7. Click ‘continue’ which will take you to the next page to create a User ID and Password

Tips for creating a User ID and Password:

Create a USER ID

  • User ID Guidelines:
    • Must be between 5-20 characters long and can be a combination of letters and numbers (Example: mary007 or Richard)


  • Guidelines for selecting a Password:
    • Minimum password length: 8
    • Minimum Number of Lowercase Letters: 1
    • Minimum Number of Uppercase Letters: 1
    • Minimum Number of Numeric Values: 1
    • Minimum Number of Non-Alpha Values: 1
      • Example !@#$%&*+?\
    • Number of Previous Passwords Unusable: 5
    • Your password cannot contain your User ID
  • Acceptable Password Examples:
    • Noname123@
    • Freedom007#
  • Unacceptable Password Examples:
    • noname123
    • endzone1@
  1. Continue to fill out the rest of the information. At the end of the registration, you will receive an online message stating you are registered. You will receive an email confirmation with a link that you are required to open, which will complete your registration process and validate you to log in.


You will not be able to register for management of your mortgage account online if you reside in a country outside of the United States.

If you are having problems enrolling, do not receive your activation email to complete activation of your online account or logging on, please contact us via email